A Respectful Warning and Reporting: Rome’s Hidden Perversity Among the Roman Godlessness

I want to state that God places me at the wrong place at the wrong time.  Why?  Because I am a foredetermined spy to catch villainy.

There was an account of Roman priests in July 1994 at the old name of Trenton State College who engaged in sexual submission to bestiality, because they could not control themselves especially with children.

This evil perversity is among many profound sexual evils in the gathering of Roman Papists, such as, homosexuality and fornication.  It happens under the leadership of hidden alliance with Jesuit Priest and High Priest of Satan, Fr. Manny Gomes, S.J.

I was eyewitness testimony for the most part of this radical evil, but I was there not to participate but I was criminally held there against my volitional will.  That is it would also be a civil violation of laws of man concerning laws of the land touching conspiracy to kidnap.

For example, John Paul II would engage in sexual fornication, but Pope Benedict and Francis would engage in homosexual rape and also among themselves where their scream is a disgusting disgrace where horror is the only response.

I would not even mention such sin if it was through the all-exclusive Cross where the grounds are the life of the righteousness of Christ alone in that He earned spiritual salvation for all those who truly believe that are born not of the will or anything else but the free choice of God alone through His accompanied Word.

We live in a post-moral Rome where its hidden lifestyle is hardly saintly, but these people claim to know God while they do this.  There hidden sin of great immorality and confined rape against such a one as myself, is also seen in some sense of the approbation of homosexual marriage.  What’s happening now, is actually a hidden support of what Rome has been all about due to reports and encounters and eyewitness testimony.

May a holy Triune God awaken them from their evil sense, but draw them to Himself in a great reformation devoid of a papal hat.  Amen.


Rome’s Hidden Pay Back to the Unborn Children “No Secret Evil Gets Punished” If a Crime Happens and No One Is There Did it Happen?

I do not mean to alarm the public but I am a “Crime Fighter.”  I am voice for the murder of the unborn by the Roman Papists who have frequently written against in my disputations.  We will start with the introduction, statements and conclusions:


1.)  A criminal conspiracy is furthered by Fr. Manny Gomes by the behind the scene plans of Roman Popes.

2.)  This criminal conspiracy involves many civil violations of the laws of men, but also against the helpless unborn.


1.)  He is a Satanic Medical Doctor who is able to have unborn children outside the womb in a sack as if they were in their mother’s womb.

2.)  He has them hang on the wall as they scream in pain.

3.)  He has places unborn children in men to have it come out the other way but with women he causes them to vomit it up.


1.)  This was done by the Team of Darkness in July 1994 at Trenton State College in NJ in a doom room.

2.)  There is credible eyewitness testimony to demonstrate the following:

a.)  I am a victim who witnessed this abyss of evil as I was helpless 15 year old.

b.)  How sure am I?  Hundred percent!

c.)  Other witness is Fr. Manny Gomes also High Priest of Satan.

I have written this to expose the deeds of darkness as a fully law-abiding citizen, but the abyss of injustice is also furthered against women with “blond hair.”  I say this because I pray (though how worthless it seems?) that justice is done.  It was once said “Let justice be done upon it or let the heavens fall.” 

May God awaken people to this crime incredible!

May the sword of vengeance split the allegiance of Satan!

Crime Fighter signing off…..Grace and peace!


Yes There’s a Hip Bone, Knee Bone But No Backbone

Do you want to know how Rome excuses rape through papal statism?  To sum it up it means a Roman Godhoodism, but they excuse rape through an illegitimate made-up marriage that furthers a polygamist mindset to excuse real rape against a 15-year old boy (guess who?) by lawless women.  This was actually a false Mormon teaching that Rome through the new Balaam adopts in excusing rape through a marriage that is not a marriage.  This also goes into the whole scope of Rome’s non-Scriptural based marriage where they kneel to an idol rather than Jesus Christ at the Father’s right Hand.  So to sum it up there is a hip bone and knee bone, but no backbone to follow the Word in Gospel-marriage.  Its all yours Dad but the only spiritual backbone is Christ as Rock (St. Augustine).


Grace and peace to you.

The Resurrection Means the Support of Traditional Bible Marriage in the Christian Family

The Bible supports the resurrection of Jesus Christ through internal and external evidence.  It simply means there is no foundation for atheistic, agnostic, and the religions of men to further a non-traditional marriage.  What is a non-traditional marriage?  It is homosexual marriage, a marriage between man and woman with a immoral understanding and marriage not based on the matchless Word of God.  Remember in Noah’s day lawless sinners engaged in lawless practice of marriage.  Satan as a second cause (the author of sin) furthers a lawless marriage, because in a type marriage reflects the spiritual relationship between a holy Creator and His sinful creation.  This is a reason why marriage is a target and why the family hangs by a thread.  The resurrection means its not two men in marriage, or a single man afraid of marriage with a live-in woman, but its about a man and a woman together for the author’s intended meaning of the Bible: namely, a traditional marriage between husband and wife in the simplicity of Christ-honoring love for the glory of Jesus.  Fallen sinners have rejected the resurrection of Jesus because of unbiblical “tolerance” that seems like compassion when it is an invitation to Rome’s hidden practice of the idolatry of men turned into women.   If you understand Jesus rose from the dead, you will understand He also teaches husband and wife marriage in the Reformed local church alone in the sense of a whatsoever is right (Philippians chapter 4).

The Resurrection Means You Can Trust God the Son Became Man

The bodily resurrection means that since Jesus Christ really rose from the dead, everyone can simply trust that God the Son became man.  A denial of the self-existent deity of Jesus Christ is a license to eternal hell.  The resurrection was accomplished by the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  There have been reports that non-divine people have come back from the dead, but it is when we refer to Jesus’ resurrection it means something that only God could do through His own power.  He has the power of life over the dead.  No one take this power from Him.  He rose by destroying death and conquering death through new yet glorified life in the same body He died.  The Father through the Son by the Spirit rose Jesus from the dead because God puts all enemies under His feet.  In a way, there is a real sense where death has been judged but death will end when He comes again in His appointed Second Coming.  It is right to believe in the deity of Jesus Christ because His resurrection from the dead in bodily terms is authentic.

A Straight Talk Letter to the National Security Agency on Input Mind Control in Anthropological Programming

Dear Government Agent,


Utinam ego elegi Latine scribendi recte intellegendum est. Intelligo publica reagit contra asserto actio . Ego quaeritur te respice in uerecunde ‘ ungovernment imperium . ” Sunt qui tantum intelligentiae per programmed colligunt anthopology posse , quod mentem constituentis . In casu parvo loco caput meum in basketball raeda usus est in me subtus Iunior anno coetus de loco dominationis . Aliis verbis, et fac tibi quomodo Deus omnia in sua cuncta beatam ? Sic odium quaerere , quam in capite: et interficiam de vertunt . Ut enim ad minima modo senior anno perdidi . Hoc etiam in raeda fuit raptus in me sed haec ita sunt programmers involvit bonum quod est subiectum in praeteritum populus scriptor futurum . Ut possint per violentiam tempore non solum constituunt modum ordinarium, sed programmed quod significet quod involvat iudicialis ratio. Scio utuntur televisifica quasi viam inducunt morbos mentis est solum specie , sed etiam input in mentem beata possit alicubi televisificae sed solum est ad scopum ut coniiciant inducere super id, quod autem est per solam occultic viae aditum . Occultic potest esse secundum in animo, sed isti utuntur hoc ” untechnology technology ” implere curatio loca valde populus qui nocuerint.


In Jesus my only Friend,

Dr. MA Petillo


A Quote from JR Miller, “Help for the Day”

(J.R. Miller, “Help for the Day”)

“They are without fault before the throne of God!” Revelation 14:5

Death to the Christian
, only . . .
washes out all his sins and stains,
shatters the crust of his mortality,
sweeps away all his moral spots, blots, infirmities, weaknesses, follies, limitations and blemishes–
and then life expands into perfect freedom, fullness, joy, and power.

The translation of a Christian from earth to Heaven, is but like the removal of a tender plant from a frigid northern garden, where it is stunted and dying–into a tropical field, where it puts out most luxurious growth and covers itself with splendor!

“In Your presence is fullness of joy; at Your right hand there are pleasures forevermore!” Psalm 16:11